"AB & OS" is a cartoon following the colourful lives of two sailors during the time of the Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815).

The strip has been regularly featured in Warships IFR magazine (Published monthly) until recently. I'll be adding new cartoons here as they are published.

Hopefully, as well as putting a smile on your face perhaps you'll learn a little history of the period so be sure to read the descriptions for each comic if something zooms right over your head like a jumbo jet.

And check out the Roots page for Abie and Os's background, the Come Ashore page for a bit more fun and the Naval Stuff page for a bit more learning. If you want to spend some money, then the Donate button will be of interest to you.

About Galf

B & OS is the brainchild of Peter Turner (Woodbridge, UK) whose pen name is Galf (a contraction of “Grand Alf”, a nickname from another life).

Starting out his working life as a draftsman, Peter later moved on to become...


At Gosport

Sid Secombe did not like a nor’easter blowing into his left ear one little bit. Especially he didn’t like a wet March 1774 nor’easter that was blowing off the Downs...

Meeting Mounseer

By Galf

If’n we should come upon mounseer,An’ should the time o’ day be right, We’d see ‘im orf wiv jus’ a sneer, Cos ‘e ain’t keen t’ stand an’ fight...